Our Program

Saturday at betahaus

The second day is our community day, which means we would like to include all of you: our OK-lab members, NGO representatives, and public administrators.

We will have lectures on current political implications, judicial obstacles and data lessons learned. Workshops will focus on election and public transport data, Wikidata, uncovering money flows and a design consulting crash course, as well as a window of opportunity to tackle any issues you can think of in our Barcamps.

Registration starts at 10, the program will start at 11.


> How to make tax expenditures transparent

Transparency in public expenditure data substantially increases a politician’s accountability. In their workshop, Anna Alberts and Michael Peters will show you their newly restructured platform OffenerHaushalt.de. Using exemplary data we will interactively visualize spending data.

For whom:everyone

Form: Workshop
Necessities: Notebook if available
Topic: Fiscal data, Transparency

> Building a self-made fine dust sensor

The OK Lab Stuttgart with their citizen science project luftdaten.info is dedicated to measuring fine dust and will install self-made sensors on the back of the building. The sensor generates data for luftdaten.info and produces an automatized map for the entire region. This way fine dust can be made visible. Everyone can participate and Jan Lutz will show you how. We want to have as many sensors as possible in Germany and all over the World.

For whom: everyone

Form: Workshop
Necessities: Nothing. Assembly kits will be provided.
Topic: Civic Tech, Environment

> DIY-Bürosensor

How is data actually created? How does a physical event translate into an electronic number? And how can we use this to discover our environment? These are the questions that Maximilian Voigt will tackle together with you, while also building a measurement station detecting the “work atmosphere”. This will be achieved using a microcontroller with sensors and should enable you to collect data yourself after the workshop.

For whom:everyone with an interest in electronics
Form: Workshop
Necessities: Notebook
Topic: Electronics, Physical Computing

> How To Read A Million Books...

…or analysis and visualization using digital humanities tools. Open data does not only work for numbers and tables, but can also be used for evaluating text in a structuralized way. Using online-tools from the digital humanities Markus Neuschäfer will experiment by analyzing and visualizing texts.

For whom: everyone
Form: Workshop
Necessities: Notebook
Topic: Digital Humanities, Text Analysis, Visualization

> Wikidata Query Service

Discover the powerful query tool of Wikidata! With a few lines of SPARQL, you can browse any information contained in Wikidata, create wonderful list such as the list of inventors killed by their own inventions, or the list of the biggest cities having female mayors. Build maps, graphs, and other datavisualizations based on open knowledge.

For whom: developers
Form: Workshop
Necessities: Notebook
Topic: Wikidata, SPARQL, Datavis

TBD: a storytelling workshop to focusing on your own Open Data projects; a election data workshop, that aims to convene and foster all projects regarding the upcoming general election in Germany and a a data journalism workshop.

Lectures & Discussion

> Describing schools with data

Schools are institutions where social transformation occurs. How the German School of Data collected data on over 30.000 schools from 16 federal states and what should be considered regarding digital projects in the field of education will be discussed in our workshop. After mentioning the lessons learned we want to hear your input on how data can make the educational system more transparent.

For whom: everyone
Form: Project Presentation & Discussion
Necessities: Nichts.
Topic: Open Data, Data Literacy, Education

Using the freedom of information (FOI) for your political work! The freedom of information act enables all citizens in Germany the right to request documents such as treaties, correspondences and certificates from the government. Arne Semsrott. will illustrate how you can use these tools to start campaigns and involve followers.

For whom: everyone
Form: Lecture / Workshop
Necessities: Notebook
Topic: Freedom of Information, Transparency, Politics

Consulting Sessions

> The data clinic

Bring your own data! You want to start your own digital project, but aren’t sure how? In the data clinic sponsored by our Datenschule Team (school of data) we offer consulting on how to plan your project, discover interesting datasets and offer an ethical handling of information in our digital world.

For whom: NGOs
Form: Consulting
Necessities: Datasets, Ideas, Questions
Topic: Data Literacy

> DB Open Data Consulting

Deutsche Bahn Open Data answers all your questions regarding already open datasets such as our railroad network, Stuttgart 21 geodata or other datasets of interest.

Barcamps, Barcamps, Barcamps

You are missing something in our program and want to start your own Barcamp? Great. Do not hesitate and plan one now. You do not know what a Barcamp is? Click here for an explanation.

Social Events at Night

At 7 PM we will open the gates to our courtyard and turn the music on. Nonetheless, continuous hacking is encouraged.

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